We’ve all experienced it, that moment when you hit the send button on an e-mail, only to realize that your message contained a typo or you forgot to add an attachment or even worse, you hit “reply all” and your e-mail was not meant for everyone to see. If you’re like me, you may have tried to recall your e-mail but realized that it had already been read. Oh, the horror! If you suffer from e-mail anxiety due to fear of sending a less than perfect e-mail, it turns out there is a way cure your angst. A blog post on Spatial Ed’s Blog, outlining steps to set up a delayed sending rule in Outlook was recently shared with me. This is such a valuable tool, that I decided to share the steps with you. Click here for more detailed steps.

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Happy e-mailing!

Quick Start

If you have done this before and/or want just the basic
steps to get started, here is a quick start guide:

A. In Outlook, select “File”, “Info

B. On the “Account Information” screen, select “Manage Rules and Alerts

C. On the “Rules and Alerts” screen, select “New Rule

D. On the “Rules Wizard” screen, go the “Start from blank rule” section and select “Apply rule on messages I send

E. On the next “Rules Wizard” screen, go to “Step 1: Select condition(s)” and check “on this computer only”

F. On the next “Rules Wizard” screen, go to the “Step 1: Select actions(s)
section and…

1. check “defer delivery by a number of minutes

2. select “a number of” minutes hyperlink… under Step 2 on the screen

3. enter the number of minutes to delay sending in the popup menu

G. On the next “Rules Wizard” screen, go to the “Step 1: Select exceptions(s)” section and…

1. check “except if the subject contains specific words

2. select the “specific words” hyperlink in Step 2…

3. enter the specific word(s) string in the “Search Text” menu

H. Enter the specific word or phrases string in the “Search Text” menu on which to apply the delay exception

I. This step is a recap of the last wizard screen, confirming the choices that you just made

J. On the next “Rules Wizard” screen, you can namefinalize and review the new rule in 3 easy steps…

K. Accept the final notification screen and you are done.