According to a Census Bureau report released back in 2010, about 13.4 million people work from home. That number was an increase of 41% over the previous decade. Forrester Research predicts that the number of people who work remotely will increase to approximately 63 million people by the year 2016. Chances are that you are one of the many millions of employees enjoying the benefits of telecommuting, just like our Lady of Letters Inc.transcribers. With telecommuting comes the need to establish a home office space. More importantly, a home office space that promotes productivity. Fresh Home Design and Architecture Magazine offers some tips on creating a productive home office:

1.) DECLUTTER: Take an inventory of your home office. How much of the contents of your space are used continually? How much of it has been sitting for weeks, months… maybe years?! Before moving on to any other step, declutter. Determine what office supplies you need, for all the others give away, or use in another room in your home – like your kid’s rooms!

2.) CLEAN: This tip is accurate for any room or space you are in. When your environment is clean, so is your mind to be creative and productive. If you have trash, old newspapers, and 100 magazine subscriptions cluttering your desk, clean it up!

3.) PRIORITIZE: Figure out what items in your office are used for your activity in the office.  If a television is in your office, but you look at it, more than working than it’s time to remove it.  Kid’s toys and the dog’s brush shouldn’t be in your office space.  When you start using the space for more than its intended use, you will do that activity before you work.

4.) ORGANIZE: Now that you’ve successfully done the first few tips, it’s time to organize your remaining space. Divide your room into zones. 1 – Storage: Items that can go in a closet, such as office supplies, and rarely used reference materials. 2 – Desk Items: Only the bare necessities, pens/pencils, computer, stapler and tape. Everything else needs a home inside of a desk drawer to prevent a cluttered desk. 3 – Display: For books, and magazines use organizers that go on a bookshelf.  These organizers can group them together, and be reached in a moment. A few pictures and mementos can be used to personalize your space.

5.) LIGHT: If your home office is dark, figure out the culprit. Open up windows, buy different window treatments, or bring in lighting fixtures that will brighten your space. When you can see clearly you are more likely to stay in that space. Also make sure there is good ventilation and temperature control. If you are too hot, or cold, you will quickly want to leave your office.

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