Have you ever been driving, walking through a park, or maybe even in bed when suddenly a flood of creativity rushes through you? You’ve finally thought of the perfect lyrics to a song, a great idea for your book or have found inspiration for an essay or a poem.  More often than not, these are the times when you do not have paper and pen handy or the time to physically jot down your ideas. With Lady of Letters Phone-in Dictation service, you can capture your stroke of genius on the spot! The one thing we never are without is our mobile phone (but any phone will do) and that is all you’ll need to save your great idea! Simply call our toll free Phone-In Dictation number, enter your User ID and record your thoughts and ideas. Your recording will be directly routed to our professionally trained transcriptionists who will turn your recording into a text document you can edit. Don’t let Siri and Auto Correct mess with your fantastic idea. Use our dictation service instead.

Get set up on our phone-in dictation service contact us and receive your User ID today! Call at 425-337-5773, 6 to 6, PST, daily!